Attunement Training Initiations

SiAd Tala Magickal Script

Join us this one day of attunement workshop in remembering the wisdom of our Filipino Ancestors in using Baybayin as a Divinatory Tool. In this workshop the participant will be initiated in using Baybayin Script in accordance to the method of Sibulan Adlaw Way.

At the end of the workshop, each participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Read and Write the Baybayin Script
  2. Interpret each symbols of Baybayin in 18 Characters plus.
  3. Use each symbols to improve one’s life through meditation, as charm and so on.
  4. Use Baybayin Script and characters as an oracle or divinatory tool.
  5. Write and Read the name of individual of baybayin to unleash their natural powers and abilities within their name.
  6. Understand the past, present and future possibilities of an individual that can be found on their name that is written in Baybayin.
  7. Combine the essential Baybayin Characters into a monogram to be your personal sigil for guidance, charm and protection.

Workshop will be held through Google Meet. Time and date will be determined according to your location.


Workshop Module
Video Presentation (Via Youtube/ Google Drive Private Link)
Certificate of Attunement (digital)
Google Meet Participation Link

Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle First Degree Attunement

Registration Fee: PHP 8,500.00 Payment can be made through or through email at


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Vedavica Tarot Reader Certification Course

This Certification Training on Tarot Reading is composed of 12 lessons that will qualify the student to obtain a credential for ordination to the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama as an Ordained Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Consultant employing the use of Tarot Cards. Since there are no Regulatory Body in the Philippines that regulates the practice of Tarot Reading, Luntiang Aghama initiates to provide Ordination to a Tarot Reader which is equivalent of having a Professional License on the field of Guidance and Counselling. Though the student of this course must understand that our Ordination only scopes on Spiritual Aspect and aside from that we need to refer the client into the appropriate professional for further help. In this Course Program designed by Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc.; the students must complete 12 lessons to be held weekly via Google Meet App Video Conferencing which will spend 2 hours every session. The 12 lessons that you need to complete are the following: Lesson 1 Introduction to Tarot Lesson 2 Connecting with your Deck Lesson 3 Parts of your Tarot Deck Lesson 4 The Suits and Correspondences Lesson 5 The Numbers, Colors, Shape and Symbols Lesson 6 The Court Cards Lesson 7 Tarot Spread Lesson 8 Intuitive Reading Lesson 9 Reading Reversal Lesson 10 Best Practices in Tarot Reading Lesson 11 Legal and Ethical Guidelines on Tarot Reading Lesson 12 Providing Tarot Reading Services


Registration Fee Php 5,000.00 Only! with FREE “Mystic Goddess Sigil Tarot”

Note: Payment through GCash QRcode and Paymaya QRcode. We already Plus the Php200 for the shipping fee of Mystic Goddess Sigil Tarot. Available in the Philippines Only.

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