Up to this day, many of our Filipino Brothers and Sisters in Diaspora still bear the Mark of Colonization wherever they are in the world and it seems everyone of us are shouting with Pride that we are Colonized by still bearing the name that has given to us. But are we not ashamed from our South East Asian Siblings, when they go to Western Countries they may adopt western name but still maintain their Asian Names. Such as the Owner of Shoe Mart or SM which we know as Henry Sy but his real name is Sy Chi Sheng; and another Business Tycoon who owns Philippine Air Line which we know as Lucio Tan, his real name is Tan En Chai.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

It has been our Tradition in Luntiang Aghama to celebrate the Philippines declaration of Independence day every the 12th day of June and this year it will be the 124th years of that Declaration. But from 1898 up to this current year 2023, are we truly independent? On the past year, our Shrine provides Public Ritual Service that is called Freedom Redemption: Blessings for all nations of the world which started as Blessings for the Philippines Ritual on June 12, 2011. This gathering of Filipino Magickal practitioners were initiated by our Beloved Ancestor
Rev. Paul Escubido Cabalfin aka Bae Ulang Udig which is a Binabaylang Binisaya. This simple blessing ritual have grown when Bae Ulang Udig have crossed over to the plane of our Ancestors. And we have extend out this ritual not only to the Philippines but also to all the Nations of the World.

As Filipino are not…

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Merry Month of May 2023!

At the begining of our Ritual-Study, we have open up the Situation of Engkanto being the one always blamed for all the miseries that the world is experiencing. Since the old times, our Folk Healers see Engkanto being the one who cause illness and see them as the Villains in our Rural Society. And later on we have discussed the importance of the Engkanto in our life and Redeem their Good image and their work in preserving our Planet as well as in sustaining our Lives.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

It is already the 2nd day of May 2023 as of writing this, and yesterday was a Blessed Day as we started of opening class on Vedavica Tarot Reading Divinatory Certification Course which is the 3rd Batch now with Joshua and Terrence from Arkansas, USA.

On this video, we have discussed the Legal Status of Tarot Reading in the Philippines and the USA but also around the world. It is a fact for us as students and practitioners of Tarot Reading that the Tarot Card’s could help us develop our Spirituality by heightening our intuition, but on a legal basis-the practice of Tarot Reading was considered as a form of games and entertainment. In, Tarot Cards are categorized under as Toys and Game. Well Historically, the use of Tarot cards was started as a Game and later on it was used for Divination by some Great Witches of the…

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Filling the empty Holes

It’s been years that we have endured heavy rains flowing inside our house because of the holes in our roof. Every time there are storms, I always have anxiety as I worry about my mother’s condition if she is okay. Because every time there is a rain, even it is just tiny drop, flood will appear because of the holes in our roof.

It is cheaper if I will just put plaster on the roof, but that does not guaranteed the safety of my mom who lives alone by her self. Since 2002, my mother lives alone by her self as I devoted my self in doing healing ministry on a Gypsy type which moves from one place to another. So for almost 21 years, me and my mom lives separately. And my mother is separated to my Father which makes us a broken Family. Like the relationship that my mother had to my Father was the situation of our house that is almost broken and difficult to be fix unless we just endure and jeopardize our selves to whatever will happen to us.

So this year, I have decided to go back home and live again with my mom while we can still enjoy her good health. With this decision, me and apu have decided to rebuild our house and bring along in Taguig the works that we do in Bulacan.

And last February, we have started the construction of our House in Taguig and we will dedicate it into Balai Aghama Ministerial Center. And so far we are almost complete in constructing the ground floor.

As we climb up the stairs we can see how our 2nd floor is being constructed

The floor plan which I and Apu have made should look like this.

I show this plan to my mother, and she was happy to see it. Further more aside from completing this Building, My Mom is excited to be reunited with me after 21 years separated from one another.

But with these, I have a request from everyone who see’s this article. I am asking your help by donating so that we could finish constructing our house which will also serve has Balai Aghama Ministerial Center on which our Hilot Training will conduct so as the ministerial activities of Luntiang Aghama.

We still need USD 14,000.00 to complete the construction and we aim to finish it by April or May.

We are Moving!

And this constant moving from one place to another proves that our movement is alive. But the consequence of it is that we do not have an exact location where people could see us except on our Virtual or online presence. We are like nomads that jumps from one place to another, and in times that people will need us, we are on the road to some places and this makes our body weak (me and Lakay). This made Lakay to offer his place in Taguig which is just 15- 30 minutes away from Manila International Airport. But his house in Taguig is still in the process of Reconstruction…

With these being said, we will be needing your assistance in completing the remaining funds that we need to finish the construction. We already have spent Php 500,900.00 pesos in constructing the First Floor and we still need Php 774,400.00 to complete the construction of the 2nd floor.

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan

Since the Time we started Hilot Academy on April 5, 2016- we are Moving! I register first at DTI Makati office and they refuse to Accept the name of Hilot Academy so from Makati I move to DTI Malolos Office and Register our name there and Gratefully we have been Recognized. Though we register our name in Malolos, Bulacan we made our operations in Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City and from there we start teaching Hilot.

On regular days when there is no student, we entertain some Japanese Business men and their wives to experience Hilot (Since by that time I am with my Japanese Wife who have big connections with the Japanese Community residing in Makati at that time). From the experience they had, curiosity arouse in them that they wanted to learn and become a student. With that, it gives me hope that Hilot will become popular…

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New SiAdTala Binabaylan in France.

Last night March 4, 2023 we conducted an online Attunement for Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle to Bless Parco of Alsace Loraine France. She is a French Pinay that is also an advocate of Filipino Culture and Tradition.

As part of her work in introducing Baybayin to the World, she have composed a song about Baybayin which you can watch in her YouTube Channel.

And after last night of attunement, aside from writing songs, she can now give a Divinatory Reading using the SiAdTala method as well as in making you personalized sigils using the SiAdTala Baybayin.

Affordable Lucky Charms is now Available at Tindahan ng Hiwaga. Check them out!

As Siadtalang Binabaylan, we aim to give light to the people that has been enveloped in Darkness. And part of our Mission in bringing forth the Light to the world, aside from giving advice through our SiAdTala Baybayin Mystic Oracle, we are now offering cure in a form of fashionable lucky charm that is personally handcrafted by Luntiang Aghama;s Deputy Chief Priest and SiadTalang Binabaylan, no other than Lakay Magbaya Aghama.

Lucky Charms intend to bring enlightenment to all individual who wears them. Aside from this, it also aims to boost their luck in terms of Good Health, Stable Finances that comes through employment or Business, Happy and Harmonious Relationship towards society as well as in their Romantic Affairs.

Lucky Charms must not be pricy but must be affordable so that people can use it to jumpstart their Good Luck in their life. Many people complain about being financially broke. They don’t have enough money to invest on lucky charms to improve their finances, but through SiAdTala, people now can avail Lucky Charms from us to cure all aspect in their life that seems difficult to Handle.

As Apu Adman have said that: “all beings are filled up with the Divine Spirits from the Creator, so technically all human beings that is alive has the Spirit of God within them. Lucky Charms are used to activate the power of the Divine Spirits in order to work in their life to bring positivity in their lives.

Check out our Tindahan ng Hiwaga and take a look at our Lucky Charms that is calling you.

Rebirth and Remembering: A Siadtala Atunement Webinar

Have you thought of living your life free from worries and fear? Are you enduring emotional stress and disturbances? Does bad luck seems chasing you all the time? Have you thought of resetting your life to start brand new?

Join us on every weekends of November 2022 for a 2hours attunement webinar with Lakay Magbaya Aghama and he conducts Sibulan Adlaw Tala Baybayin Mystic Oracle Attunement with the theme of “Rebirth and Remembering” this will happen through Google Meet app on the following dates:
November 5 &6, 2022
November 12 & 13, 2022
November 19 & 20, 2022
November 26 & 27, 2022

Choose any dates mentioned above as it will happen by 8:00PM Philippine Standard Time. Participants outside the Philippines are welcome to join our webinar

Registration Fee Php 8,500.00 or USD 145.00

Google Meet Link (for video conferencing)
Workshop Modules
Certificate of Attendance (this is an electives to the magtatawas training course)

Try out Mark Genesis Tarot Reading

Mark Genesis is our newest member at Luntiang Aghama. He was granted the Rank of Lakan due to his completion of our Vedavica Tarot Divinatory Certification class. As a Student he is bright in terms of theories while he is sharp when it comes to practical applications. Lakan Cheong ( his temporary honorary name) is cat lover that his medium companion in spiritual advising is the Tarot of Pagan Cats.

You can reach him by subscribing to his YouTube channel at