Affordable Lucky Charms is now Available at Tindahan ng Hiwaga. Check them out!

As Siadtalang Binabaylan, we aim to give light to the people that has been enveloped in Darkness. And part of our Mission in bringing forth the Light to the world, aside from giving advice through our SiAdTala Baybayin Mystic Oracle, we are now offering cure in a form of fashionable lucky charm that is personally handcrafted by Luntiang Aghama;s Deputy Chief Priest and SiadTalang Binabaylan, no other than Lakay Magbaya Aghama.

Lucky Charms intend to bring enlightenment to all individual who wears them. Aside from this, it also aims to boost their luck in terms of Good Health, Stable Finances that comes through employment or Business, Happy and Harmonious Relationship towards society as well as in their Romantic Affairs.

Lucky Charms must not be pricy but must be affordable so that people can use it to jumpstart their Good Luck in their life. Many people complain about being financially broke. They don’t have enough money to invest on lucky charms to improve their finances, but through SiAdTala, people now can avail Lucky Charms from us to cure all aspect in their life that seems difficult to Handle.

As Apu Adman have said that: “all beings are filled up with the Divine Spirits from the Creator, so technically all human beings that is alive has the Spirit of God within them. Lucky Charms are used to activate the power of the Divine Spirits in order to work in their life to bring positivity in their lives.

Check out our Tindahan ng Hiwaga and take a look at our Lucky Charms that is calling you.

Rebirth and Remembering: A Siadtala Atunement Webinar

Have you thought of living your life free from worries and fear? Are you enduring emotional stress and disturbances? Does bad luck seems chasing you all the time? Have you thought of resetting your life to start brand new?

Join us on every weekends of November 2022 for a 2hours attunement webinar with Lakay Magbaya Aghama and he conducts Sibulan Adlaw Tala Baybayin Mystic Oracle Attunement with the theme of “Rebirth and Remembering” this will happen through Google Meet app on the following dates:
November 5 &6, 2022
November 12 & 13, 2022
November 19 & 20, 2022
November 26 & 27, 2022

Choose any dates mentioned above as it will happen by 8:00PM Philippine Standard Time. Participants outside the Philippines are welcome to join our webinar

Registration Fee Php 8,500.00 or USD 145.00

Google Meet Link (for video conferencing)
Workshop Modules
Certificate of Attendance (this is an electives to the magtatawas training course)

Try out Mark Genesis Tarot Reading

Mark Genesis is our newest member at Luntiang Aghama. He was granted the Rank of Lakan due to his completion of our Vedavica Tarot Divinatory Certification class. As a Student he is bright in terms of theories while he is sharp when it comes to practical applications. Lakan Cheong ( his temporary honorary name) is cat lover that his medium companion in spiritual advising is the Tarot of Pagan Cats.

You can reach him by subscribing to his YouTube channel at


Celebrating our Pride as Filipino

3 times a year, we being a member of Luntiang Aghama showcase our Filipino Identity by observing the following Holidays: every April we celebrate the Day of Valor which is usually celebrated every 9th of April so as the Whole month as Month of Baybayin which usually observed every 21st of April. We held this month of April as sacred as most of our Wiccan Friends consider it as Earth Month and Baybayin as a product of our Culture.

Historically, the Laguna Copperplate Inscription was the first ever dated document that proves that our Filipino Ancestors have our own writing system. We in Luntiang Aghama consider April 21, year 900 to be the true date of independence as the inscription is all about declaration of freedom from debt as it states: that it releases its bearers, the children of Namwaran, from a debt in gold amounting to 1 kati and 8 suwarnas (865 grams; 27.8 troy ounces).

The next Holiday that we celebratein showcasing our Filipino Pride is the Declaration of Philippine Independence which we observe every June 12th. And during this day, Luntiang Aghama performs the Freedom Redemption: Blessings for all nation ritual which we gather and perform ritual blessings for all nations of the world. And lastly on the month of August being the national language month and observance of national heroes day.

With these, we invite everyone to celebrate Filipino Pride wherever you are in the world to learn How to read and write Baybayin which is one of our ancient writing script. Reading and Writing in Baybayin give us a sense of becoming a True Filipino just like our neighboring country such as Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia that have their own writing script and Languages.

We invite you to enroll on our Webinar about Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle Attunement that will happen on August 20 and 21. This is only a 3 hours webinar but we open 2 dates so that people in the US and other parts of the world could choose a comfortable time to join the said webinar. We offer an Early bird registration worth of USD 100.00 who will register on or before July 15, 2022. And after that it will become USD 150.00 until August 19.

So what are you waiting for? Register now!


Celebrating Filipino Pride with Sibulan Adlaw Tala

At the end of the workshop, each participants are expected to be able to: 1. Read and Write the Baybayin Script 2. Interpret each symbols of Baybayin in 18 Characters plus. 3. Use each symbols to improve one’s life through meditation, as charm and so on. 4. Use Baybayin Script and characters as an oracle or divinatory tool. 5. Write and Read the name of individual of baybayin to unleash their natural powers and abilities within their name. 6. Understand the past, present and future possibilities of an individual that can be found on their name that is written in Baybayin. 7. Combine the essential Baybayin Characters into a monogram to be your personal sigil for guidance, charm and protection. Workshop will be held through Google Meet. Time and date will be determined according to your location.


Wait there is more!

If you register on our Webinar, aside from learning how to read and write in Baybayin, You will also have an opportunity to have a Filipino Indigenous Name that is blessed by the Diwata. So hurry and register to our webinar today!

Anong Hiwaga at Misteryo ang Taglay ng BARYA (coins)?

Ang barya o coins ay alam at kilala ng lahat. Subalit atin ngayong aalamin ang kahalagahan at gamit nito sa Magick o Mahika.

Naranasan mo na bang makapulot ng Barya sa daan? O makakita nito sa ano mang uri ng sasakyan tulad ng jeep?

Kung “Oo”, ano ang ginagawa mo dito?

Una kung karanasan na makakita ng barya sa daan at malaman ang kahalagahan ng pagpulot at pagipon nito ay ng ako ay nasa high school dahil ito ang taon na kung saan ako ay nagsimula ng magbyahe mag-isa. Dati kasi mga elementary days ay walking distance ang school sa bahay kaya marahil kung may makita man ako that time ay hindi ko pansin.

Unang naaalala ko ay may mga times na nag kukulang ako ng pamasahe pauwi kaya ito rin nagiging dahilan ng paglalakad kesa pagsakay sa tricycle pauwi ng bahay tuwing uwian galing school. Minsan baka nalalaglagan ako sa aking bulsa o di kaya ay na papasobra ng pagbili ng pagkain.

Ilang beses itong nauulit hanggang sa dumating ang time na nag short ulit ako pero this time ay napaisip ako na “Sana may mapulot o Makita akong barya para sumakto sa pamasahe pauwi ng bahay”, kaisipang hindi sinasadya at inaakalang posibleng maganap at mangyari dahil sa paglalakad ko ay may nakita akong barya na sumakto sa kulang kung pamasahe bago pa man ako makarating sa terminal ng tricycle. “Swerte”, yan nalang nasabi ko sabay “salamat”, dahil hindi na ako makakapaglakad malayo-layong lakaran din kasi iyon pag nagkataon.

Ito ang naging paraan ko tuwing mararanasan ko ang mag short sa pamasahe. May mga times kasi na pag may pamasahe ako ay wala talaga akong nakikita kahit na ilang beses ako mag-isip na may makita sanang barya.

May isang sitwasyon din akong naranasan na hindi pa nababawasan ang dala kung pera ay may nakita na agad akong barya sa kalsada. Akala ko swerte na dahil may extra money na ako yun pala mag kukulang ako o mag sho-short ang dala kong pera at dahil sa napulot ko ay mapupunan nya ang kulang.

Ito ang naobserbahan ko kung paano dumadating o pumapasok ang barya. Kung hindi nasa dulo o hulihan. Ito ay nasa unahan. Ang mga ganitong paulit-ulit na experiences ang nag trigger ng aking curiosity. Ito rin ang naging palatandaan ko kung mag sho-short ako o hindi sa pamasahe o sa Pera na hawak ko. Ito rin ang naging simula na kada makita ko sa daan o sa sasakyan ay pinupulot ko hanggang sa naiipon ko na sila.

Naalala ko lang noong bata pa ako ang isa sa mga ginagawa nila mama tuwing may makakasalubong kami na prusisyon ng patay ay nag hahagis sila ng mga barya pag matatapatan ang sasakyan na may kabaong. May isang beses na may bumalik na barya sa paanan ko at pinulot ko ito at sinabihan akong ihagis ko ulit ito pabalik. Huwag ko daw ulit gagawin yun dahil iyon ay magdudulot ng malas.

At dahil sa mga na experience kung ito ay aking napag-alamanan at napag-aralan na ang mundo ay hindi lamang umiikot para sa mga may buhay o sa mga tao. Kundi ito ay umiikot sa lahat ng uri ng mga nilalang nakikita man o hindi nakikita. Ibig sabihin nito tayo ay hindi nag-iisa may mga nilalang sa ating paligid na handang tumulong sa oras ng ating pangangailangan. May mga nilalang na maaaring lingid sa ating kaalamanan na s’yang tumutulong at nakikinig sa atin.

Napulot na Barya sa Gilid ng Daan Papuntang Sementeryo

Kaya sa maliit na barya na ating matatagpuan ay pulutin at itabi ito dahil isa itong regalo mula sa nilalang na hindi natin nakikita. Ang pag pulot ay kahulugan ng pag tanggap ng biyaya o magandang opportunity dahil ang energy ng Pera ay connected sa income, business, money, work etc., At sa oras naman na nakararanas ng mga blockages sa mga plans o sa mga ginagawa at tinatrabaho ay maaaring magamit ang mga barya o coins na napulot at naipon bilang token o offering sa mga nilalang na hindi nakikita upang tayo ay tulungang alisin ang mga blockages sa ating mga plano. Ibulong lamang sa barya o coins ang iyong kahilingan at iwanan ito sa kalsada. Sa ganitong paraan ay muli mong ibinabalik sa kanila ang bagay na ibinigay nila kapalit ng kaganapan ng kahilingan mo. Isang gesture ito ng give and take o pagiging patas.

Ang pag hahagis o pagbibigay naman ng barya sa karo ng patay ay maaaring gawin para sa kahilingan na gumaling sa mga karamdaman o pagalis ng kamalasan at kabigatan ng buhay. Kaya kung may mga kahilingan na connected ang transformation, new beginning, mga bagay na gustong tapusin at bigyang tuldok maaaring gawin ang paghahagis ng barya sa karo ng patay kasabay ng iyong kahilingan.

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GAYUMA gawa ng DEMONYO ba talaga?

Inyong mapapanood ang kahalagahan at pinagmulan ng Gayuma.

Bakit ito ginagamit ng ating mga Ninuno mula noon hanggang ngayon?

Paniniwala sa Gayuma bilang Babaylan at Binabaylan ng Luntiang Aghama.

Sino ang dapat lapitan kung may pinaghihinalaang naGAYUMA?

Ilan lamang sa mga katanungan na ito ang ating tinalakay sa video na inyong mapapanood.

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Mahal na Araw “Holy Week” Semana Santa

Taon taon ay ipinag diriwang ang “Holy Week”, Semana Santa o Mahal na Araw at kasabay nito ay ang pagiging abala ng nga “Spirituall Practitioner” tulad ng mga antingero at Latinero upang palakasin at buhayin ang kanilang mga gamit para sa kanilang panggagamot, mga pandipensa at mga pampalakas ng kanilang Spiritual na kakayanan.

Inyong matutunghayan sa video natin ang isa sa karaniwang makikita natin na ginagawa tuwing mahal na araw at inyo ding makikilala ang bago nating Kasibol na isang Vlogger na si Gene Boy at inyong mapapanood sa kanyang channel ang ating ginawang pag-tingin sa Kapalaran gamit ang Santa Muerte Tarot Deck at ang SiBulan Adlaw Mystic Oracle.

Akin din ibinahagi ang isang paraan kung paano gamitin ang mga bulaklak na kadalasang makikitang naka-palibot at naka-palamuti sa bawat Karo ng mga Santo tuwing may prosisyon.

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