Rituals Just For You!

Rituals are Special Prayers done by our Binabaylan on your behalf to intercede with your desires/intentions to the Diwata.

Our desires/intention may vary but Generally it falls under 2 category:


Panghalina means to attract. And most of the time our desire and intentions wants something to come into our life. Such as on having a Love Life, Stable Finances and Income Opportunity, Having a Child, Improving Optimum Health and Wellness, Successful business negotiation and transaction, Fame and Popularity, and so much more.

Performing Panghalina rituals requires seeking the will of the Diwata in our life and this will invoke the expertise of our Binabaylan in conducting an Oracle Divination and this will depend on the recommendation of your Binabaylan.

After seeking the guidance of the Diwata, our Binabaylan will perform a cleansing ritual which requires an active participation of the individual either be it online or in person.

Then the work of Magick will be performed according to your desires/intentions.


Panab-oy means to ward off or dispel. There are times that our life seems to be down even though we exert so much effort, luck seems so hard to find. It’s seems that there are forces of nature that put pressure into our life that we perceive it as Bad Luck. These energetic blockages make us feel miserable that affects all aspect of our personality, whether at home in our family, relationships towards our friends and work mates, so as in General Public. Money seems hard to earn even that we are employed in a good company. These blockages may come from ill wishes or negative thought forms that been directed to us or a lessons to learn from the Diwata.

The Panab-oy Ritual aims to stop and drive off these flow of negative energy and transform it to Positive one. This ritual demands participation of an individual either online or in person appearance before the Binabaylan.

It will involve Oracular Divination, Cleansing Ritual and Pangatang/Halad to transform the negative Energies into Positive and Beneficial Energies to restore Holistic Wellness within the Individual.