Pinoy Dance Ritual

Pandanggo sa Obando Bulacan, Philippines

Pandanggo is a form of fertility dance and ritual from Obando Bulacan, Philippines. They celebrate their fiesta for a whole day event every year from May 17 to 19. The devotee joins street dancing for three consecutive days it’s either morning or afternoon to manifest their wishes not only for getting pregnant but also for their good health, asking for blessings for their married life and their love life. The Pandanggo Dance is a form of prayer through dancing that opens to all ages and welcomes all genders. My first experience is excitement and the feeling of being blessed because when we arrived at that time. The street is already cleared and we thought that to experience their dance ritual, we should need to go back the next year but the spirit of that place is welcoming and they don’t let us live in the place without receiving their blessings. When we decided to go back home Apu Adman immediately saw the two old women wearing the same clothes and walking on the other side of the street and they both get our attention end up following them and asking them about the street dance. When we call them and ask them about the street dance they stop and look at us with a smile on their lips and give us advice to wait until 5 pm for their last street dance. When we hear this our hearts jump in happiness. I learn and also confirm that the patron spirit of Obando will not let you down once you acknowledge them and you connect yourself to them. This situation is a similar experience when we are working in our Diwata spirit. They always listen and respond to us every time we need them. They will always assure us that they are always on our side no matter what. Enjoy Watching Our Video 🙏Mayari na Magbaya🙏