This is Where the Filipino’s Magick started

My knowledge and training in magick started in our Bahay (Home). That’s the reason why I’m consecrating our Bahay and giving it the name of “Bahay SiAdTala Binabaylan” so that we can expand it and shared it with you.

In Bahay SiAdTala we conducting training, seminar, workshop and services regarding our Philippine Traditional Indigenous Spirituality and Healing Arts.

One of our training is the Hilot Binabaylan including the Tawas, Oil making, Kilubansa Elemental Name Analysis, “Suob”, “Palina” etc. For the webinar and online training we offer a Vedavica Tarot Divinatory Certification Training Course and Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle First Degree Attunement.

We can also offer our Physical and Spiritual methods and techniques to those who are seeking help in their ailment or problem like if they are suffering from frozen shoulders, back pain, “pilay” or “lamig”. If they feel that someone uses magick to give them problems and sickness. If they feel that someone is giving them ill wishes or cursing them.

The Bahay SiAdtala is open and willing in assisting you to recover your lost souls and health, gain vitality, giving answers, and peace of mind and empower you once again.

The “Bahay” or “Balay” is a sacred and magickal place for us Filipinos. This is the temple where our ancestors gathered. I remember during my childhood days every time the meals are ready we will not start eating unless we are completely in front of the table from older to younger members of the family.

Once we are completely present the older member which is our grandparents are starting to ask who will lead the prayer for our meals. After this, while we are eating my grandparents are starting to tell some stories base on their experiences during their childhood.

Some paranormal activities that I remember that they encountered personally like the dead body from wake being alive again and asking for a glass of water. The other one is in the middle of the forest during night time they will hear a baby crying and if they start tracing or looking at where’s the baby it stops crying. And the white lady and the Spirit without the Head are some of the stories my grandparents share with us.

This is the reason why we need to eat our meals together with our whole family because that is the time that they share their wisdom and knowledge with us. Like how important the prayer is before meals and before bedtimes. How hard living your life as a farmer and becoming the head of the family as well? The importance of family and how to treat them properly. And they also keep on reminding us to treat nicely our neighbors and “kapwa”.

Aside from sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us, there is also training and mastering that happened inside our House or “Bahay”. The older member trains the younger one for specific work like cleaning the house, fixing broken things, how to take care of animals, farming, how to cook, how to use specific herbs staffs like that. They also give time to play the younger one to strengthen the body.

That’s how I remembered my time with them and I’m sad that after my grandfather passed away all of these traditions stopped because of the modern days of technology. They prefer to embrace these changes but the good thing is our spiritual beliefs and practices are still alive up to now.

My family consulted me to do “tawas” on them if they feel their sickness or ailments are not normal and they ask me to do the long-distance healing if I confirm their gut feeling is true. If they experience some normal sickness or ailment like cough, colds, and fever they already know what to do and what plants they need to use for remedies.

Let me continue my story based on my experiences in our “Bahay SiAdTala” in my next blog.

🙏Mayari na Magbaya🙏