The Sacred Art of Gayuma

Gayuma is a Form of Filipino Magick which is practiced by an Albularyo. This is one subject that is included in the Albularyo Certification Course at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan. As Gayuma uses Filipino Indigenous Herbs that is endemic in the Philippines. As Part of Filipino Traditional Healing System, Gayuma falls on the category of Promotive Health Care.

As part of SiAdTala mission on radiating the light of the Diwatang Sibulan, Adlaw and Tala- we are offering learning opportunity to the Public in a form of Webinar-Workshop or through a Training Certification.

Gayuma Webinar Workshop

Our Gayuma Webinar Workshop is a Quick response to the Curiosity of the People towards the Sacred Art of Gayuma Magick. It is a 120 minutes of discussion and empowering participant to the following:

  • Making Gayuma
  • Detecting Gayuma
  • and Curing Gayuma

Registration Fee: PHP 8,500.00

Gayuma Training Certification

This is a comprehensive Training program as part of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan on Albularyo Certification.

In this Training Program, the students will be initiated to the following:

  • Gayuma as Ancient Filipino Promotive Medicine.
  • Benefits and proper use of Gayuma
  • Types of Gayuma
  • Identifying materials and Ingredients of Gayuma.
  • and other information concerns the use and practice of Gayuma

Training Fee: PHP 24,000.00

Gayuma Webinar Workshop is the ideal course you take when you like to have immediate information regarding the Practice of Gayuma but if you want to have mastery and become an Expert on the Practice of Gayuma, it is advised you take the Certification Course and continue your Studies at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and be certified as Albularyo.

Payments of energy exchange can be made through Paypal at or through Gcash/Paymaya at +639758531942.

Prices for each course are indicated at the Registration form.

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