1st Face to Face Hilot Binabaylan Training 2023

Hello Kasibol,

WELCOME to my SiAdTala Binabaylan TV and I also want to greet all of you s prosperous New Year.

A warm greetings and welcoming to our new subscribers here at SiAdTala Binabaylan YouTube Channel and in our website at http://www.siadtala.com

To those who have a questions that I have not answered yet in our YouTube comment box. I’m inviting you guys personally to attend our Gayuma webinar workshop at

and book your preferred program by filling out our form there.

I prepared a two sets of program. The 1st one is a Gayuma workshop webinar that tools in 120 minutes and the 2nd one is the Gayuma Training Program.

Once you have a call to learn The Sacred Art of Gayuma click our link and register.

After a years of lockdown and online gatherings. We held our 1st 2023 face to face Hilot Binabaylan Training at IIRR in Silang Cavite this last 16 of January. The Hilot Binabaylan Classes took in 8 days and during this days we let the student experience it First before to start the lesson and aside from the courses they enrolled to us. We also let the student to explore and experience some of the Filipinos day to day activities like we go outside to ride a jeepney, bus, tricycle and even going to the wet market nearby.

Through this we assured that the knowledge that they will learned is not only the knowledge that we teach but it is also comes from their direct interactions and personal experiences while they are here.

That’s How Hilot Binabaylan Ways
Mayari na Magbaya 

SiAdTala Binabaylan TV

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