Up to this day, many of our Filipino Brothers and Sisters in Diaspora still bear the Mark of Colonization wherever they are in the world and it seems everyone of us are shouting with Pride that we are Colonized by still bearing the name that has given to us. But are we not ashamed from our South East Asian Siblings, when they go to Western Countries they may adopt western name but still maintain their Asian Names. Such as the Owner of Shoe Mart or SM which we know as Henry Sy but his real name is Sy Chi Sheng; and another Business Tycoon who owns Philippine Air Line which we know as Lucio Tan, his real name is Tan En Chai.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

It has been our Tradition in Luntiang Aghama to celebrate the Philippines declaration of Independence day every the 12th day of June and this year it will be the 124th years of that Declaration. But from 1898 up to this current year 2023, are we truly independent? On the past year, our Shrine provides Public Ritual Service that is called Freedom Redemption: Blessings for all nations of the world which started as Blessings for the Philippines Ritual on June 12, 2011. This gathering of Filipino Magickal practitioners were initiated by our Beloved Ancestor
Rev. Paul Escubido Cabalfin aka Bae Ulang Udig which is a Binabaylang Binisaya. This simple blessing ritual have grown when Bae Ulang Udig have crossed over to the plane of our Ancestors. And we have extend out this ritual not only to the Philippines but also to all the Nations of the World.

As Filipino are not…

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