Day 24 of SiAd Tala Magick : Fresh Leaf Divination

I’m Lakay Magbaya SiAd Tala

Welcome to our 24th day of Sibulan Adlaw Tala Practical Spirituality and what we are going to do now is all about “Leaf Reading”. We will use the leaf of any type of plants as an oracle to foretell our future or to have an answer to our specific questions. 

Today I’m gonna show you how to use the leaf for Fortune Telling. The first thing to do is look around your environment at which plants or trees catch your attention. 

Then go in front of it and ask the spirit to give you the answers through their leaf. 

Then pluck the leaf that catches your attention. 

After that look at the leaf and all its details like their color, shape and if there’s an image that is familiar to you like heart shape or lines that create some symbols. Use only the clear image that you can find in the leaf for a clear message.

Then you can use your collective knowledge and information base on shape, colors and symbols. 

Always remember that consulting the oracle acts as a guide, don’t be dependent on it. 

Have a Blessed Day.


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