Final Day for 31 Days Practical Spirituality of SiAd Tala Mystic Oracle

“The Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle is the Celestial Lights that guides mankind through the Aeon of Time.”

I will formally introduce to you the “Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle”, also known as “SiAd Tala”.

The SiAd Tala script is inspired by “baybayin”.

The baybayin is a Filipino Term for the Tagalog writing system.

The baybayin alphabet is “Abugida” or a “Syllabic Alphabet” meaning Syllable-based Writing System.

The word “Si bulan” means “The Moon” and “sibulan” is “sprout” which is also connected to the season of Spring.

The “Adlaw” is a Visayan term for “Sun”.

The “Tala” is a Tagalog term for “Star” and “Records”.

The “Mystic” is the “Binabaylang SiAd Tala” practitioner.

and The “Oracle” is the ability to perceive messages and information.

Through our SiAd Tala Full Moon attunement Ritual we unleashed our Babaylan Energy to Empower ourselves physically and spiritually.

and For more information, you can also check our link 


Have a Blessed Day.

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