Ritual To Strengthen Your Ancestral Bond Through GALA

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This video is in a Tagalog dialect and the “GALA” is a Tagalog term for “roving around”. We decided to visit Padre Pio in Bulacan to recharge our energy and get together with some friends and family. In our video I managed to capture our travel time from home up to Padre Pio’s church and if you are sensitive enough to feel the energy vibrations around you. You will feel the changes, the positive and the refreshing feeling, and even the change of air scent.

You will see in our video how organized they are. The security personnel maintain a secure environment for the tourists. We prefer to walk from the main entrance going up and it is 2 kilometers. You will feel tired but nature doesn’t let you feel exhausted. 

You will also notice that aside from foods and drinks some of them sell accessories like bracelets, rosary, pendants with pictures of Padre Pio and even colored candles. At the fence of Padre Pio you will also notice a lot of rosary with different colors and sizes. Apu Adman discusses the reasons behind giving rosary as an offering and He also said that this is a traditional way and belief of Christian Devotee and Christian Practices here in the Philippines. That is their way of expressing their faith and for their petition or prayer. Aside from using rosary you can also use the colored candles for specific intention and purpose and even the coins you can also use to make wishes.

Apu Adman gave a simple way and showed it on how to use the coin to make a petition or on how to make a wish using the coin.

The essence of this video is to capture the Traditional Ways, Beliefs and Practices of Our Ancestors, no matter what your religion is. Our Babaylan Spirit knows how to connect ourselves to the Diwata, Engkanto and Anito in times that we need it.

Mayari na Magbaya.

Sa video na inyong mapapanood ay makikita nyo ang kagandahan at refreshing na paligid ng Padre Pio dito sa Bulacan.

Inyo ding matututunan mga sinaunang kaugalian at paniniwala ng mga Pilipinong Katoliko. Kung paano nila ine-express ang kanilang mga paniniwala.

Si Padre Pio ay isang Paring Katoliko na kung saan ay nagtataglay ng mga Espiritwal na kakayahan o yung tinatawag din nating milagrosong pari na nakakagawa ng mga milagro o kakaibang bagay na Hindi likas sa pagiging isang tao. Kaya sa kakayahang ito ay mas lalong dumami ang mga taong may pasan-pasan na iba’t-ibang uri ng suliranin ang lumalapit Kay Padre Pio.

Tinalakay din ni Apu Adman ng Luntiang Aghama o Landas ng Lahi kung bakit maraming rosaryo/rosary sa paligid ni Padre Pio at nagbigay din ang Apu Adman ng simple spells gamit ang barya/coins at kung paano ito ginagawa.

Para sa mga Karagdagang Impormasyon.

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