Filling the empty Holes

It’s been years that we have endured heavy rains flowing inside our house because of the holes in our roof. Every time there are storms, I always have anxiety as I worry about my mother’s condition if she is okay. Because every time there is a rain, even it is just tiny drop, flood will appear because of the holes in our roof.

It is cheaper if I will just put plaster on the roof, but that does not guaranteed the safety of my mom who lives alone by her self. Since 2002, my mother lives alone by her self as I devoted my self in doing healing ministry on a Gypsy type which moves from one place to another. So for almost 21 years, me and my mom lives separately. And my mother is separated to my Father which makes us a broken Family. Like the relationship that my mother had to my Father was the situation of our house that is almost broken and difficult to be fix unless we just endure and jeopardize our selves to whatever will happen to us.

So this year, I have decided to go back home and live again with my mom while we can still enjoy her good health. With this decision, me and apu have decided to rebuild our house and bring along in Taguig the works that we do in Bulacan.

And last February, we have started the construction of our House in Taguig and we will dedicate it into Balai Aghama Ministerial Center. And so far we are almost complete in constructing the ground floor.

As we climb up the stairs we can see how our 2nd floor is being constructed

The floor plan which I and Apu have made should look like this.

I show this plan to my mother, and she was happy to see it. Further more aside from completing this Building, My Mom is excited to be reunited with me after 21 years separated from one another.

But with these, I have a request from everyone who see’s this article. I am asking your help by donating so that we could finish constructing our house which will also serve has Balai Aghama Ministerial Center on which our Hilot Training will conduct so as the ministerial activities of Luntiang Aghama.

We still need USD 14,000.00 to complete the construction and we aim to finish it by April or May.


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