We are Moving!

And this constant moving from one place to another proves that our movement is alive. But the consequence of it is that we do not have an exact location where people could see us except on our Virtual or online presence. We are like nomads that jumps from one place to another, and in times that people will need us, we are on the road to some places and this makes our body weak (me and Lakay). This made Lakay to offer his place in Taguig which is just 15- 30 minutes away from Manila International Airport. But his house in Taguig is still in the process of Reconstruction…

With these being said, we will be needing your assistance in completing the remaining funds that we need to finish the construction. We already have spent Php 500,900.00 pesos in constructing the First Floor and we still need Php 774,400.00 to complete the construction of the 2nd floor.

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan

Since the Time we started Hilot Academy on April 5, 2016- we are Moving! I register first at DTI Makati office and they refuse to Accept the name of Hilot Academy so from Makati I move to DTI Malolos Office and Register our name there and Gratefully we have been Recognized. Though we register our name in Malolos, Bulacan we made our operations in Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City and from there we start teaching Hilot.

On regular days when there is no student, we entertain some Japanese Business men and their wives to experience Hilot (Since by that time I am with my Japanese Wife who have big connections with the Japanese Community residing in Makati at that time). From the experience they had, curiosity arouse in them that they wanted to learn and become a student. With that, it gives me hope that Hilot will become popular…

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