Merry Month of May 2023!

At the begining of our Ritual-Study, we have open up the Situation of Engkanto being the one always blamed for all the miseries that the world is experiencing. Since the old times, our Folk Healers see Engkanto being the one who cause illness and see them as the Villains in our Rural Society. And later on we have discussed the importance of the Engkanto in our life and Redeem their Good image and their work in preserving our Planet as well as in sustaining our Lives.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

It is already the 2nd day of May 2023 as of writing this, and yesterday was a Blessed Day as we started of opening class on Vedavica Tarot Reading Divinatory Certification Course which is the 3rd Batch now with Joshua and Terrence from Arkansas, USA.

On this video, we have discussed the Legal Status of Tarot Reading in the Philippines and the USA but also around the world. It is a fact for us as students and practitioners of Tarot Reading that the Tarot Card’s could help us develop our Spirituality by heightening our intuition, but on a legal basis-the practice of Tarot Reading was considered as a form of games and entertainment. In, Tarot Cards are categorized under as Toys and Game. Well Historically, the use of Tarot cards was started as a Game and later on it was used for Divination by some Great Witches of the…

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