Lucky Coin: Day 19 of SiAd Tala Practical Spiritualiy and Magick

On the 19th day of SiAd Tala Practical Spirituality we will learn how to turn ordinary coins into lucky coins.  

I’m Lakay Magbaya SiAd Tala and welcome to our day 19.

Every Time you’ve seen coins scattered around you, especially on the road, pick them up to use as your lucky coin. 

The use of lucky coins is when you need to boost your luck or to open a new opportunity in your life. 

I will show you now on how to turn ordinary coins into lucky coins through the SiAd Tala magical symbol.

Then use the lucky coin once you need it by tossing it at the road or just leave it somewhere as an offering to the spirit of the road while doing this, think of your specific intention or you can whisper it in the air.

After doing this, don’t look back.

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