Out Door Spells: 20th Day of SiAd Tala Magick

On the 20th day of SiAd Tala Practical Spirituality, we will learn how to perform spells outside of our house for long-distance healing using the tealight candle and mixed herbs.

The first thing to do is find a flat area.
Clean the area to be used.
Call your spirit guides, deity and even the spirit of the place you have chosen to cast spells.
Ask for their blessing and help for your specific intention.  

Then if you feel that you are ready to call the power of Sibulan Adlaw Tala Magical symbol “A”.

Using mixed herbs trace the SiAd Tala magical symbol and when it’s done.
Place the tealight candle on the upper area of the magical symbol then lit.

Make sure that when using a tealight candle the area is safe to prevent burning.

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