Day 21 of SiAd Tala Magick: “Happiness Booster”

The SiAd Tala Mystical Oracle Character of “Wa”

Today We are going to boost our luck, prosperity, abundance and wealth and I call this Spell as Happiness Booster. We all become happy when a sudden luck strike us specially when it comes to prosperity, abundance and wealth. And in this spell we are going to utilize the Baybayin Character “Wa” to make this Magick Work.

The materials that we need are mixed herbs, one (1) handful of rice, a small bowl to hold rice, a candle or lamp and incense.  I will show you how to do it.

Using your index finger trace the pattern of the SiAd Tala magical symbol of ” Wa” on the top of the rice while doing this you can whisper or think about your specific intention. After this, put the rice bowl in your altar.

You can do this every morning or before you open your business. To boost and to invite the spirit of luck, prosperity, abundance and wealth into your place.

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