Who influences you in Magick?

Im ALSent also known as Lakay Magbaya from Luntiang Aghama. My curiosity in magick and paranormal events hooked me during my grade school age. It was during the time When I accidentally discovered my father doing some weird stuff in their room. He uses a lot of colored candles, especially the green one and he arranges it in a circular form. He put a piece of dollar bill on the center of the circled candle and on the top of it he put a red apple. Then he whispers while his eyes are closed. Then after whispering he got the dollar bill where the apple is, then he burned the dollar bill on the top of the apple while doing this I heard him continuously whispering some words. After that he leaves the room while the candles are still burning and the ashes of the dollar bill  are still on the apple. He doesn’t touch anything and he just walks to the doorway and leaves the room.  After that my mind doesn’t stop questioning about that kind of weird stuff that I’ve never seen before in our family. After that I became aware and more observant of my father’s actions. Everytime he returns home from work I meet him first to greet him. That way I had the chance to check him if he brought me something or if he had something. In my observation everytime he brings colored candles he automatically locks himself alone in their room and he always does this after our dinner. And there’s a time that he doesn’t bring  anything and he doesn’t lock himself alone. One time because my desire to know is too strong I can’t control myself to ask my father directly about that. But he never gives me a reason nor explanation, he just says ‘’shut up and don’t ask me again about that’’ but in my deep inner self I really want to know that.

My other experience is through my grandfather on my mother’s side.  He’s into talismans and amulets. He wears different kinds of talisman like the triangular one with one eye and its back has a holy family and it’s made of ‘’tanso’’ or copper, the other type is the eye image back to back. According to my grandfather the tanso or copper is good for protection against witches. It is good for any type of hexing or cursing that is why it’s advisable to wear any kind of accessories made of tanso or copper. Then he also explain to me the difference of the two triangular type of talisman the first one with the image of eye and holy family at the back is good for family protection while the other type which is the back to back of an eye images is good for ‘’tagabulag’’ or for invisibility meaning if your wearing this talisman your invisible to the eye of those person who has a negative intention towards you. He also have a different kinds of amulet or ‘’mutya’’ like mutya ng ‘’langka’’ or jackfruit which is best to use if you have a business and ‘’mutya ng palay’’  or rice seed amulet for prosperity. He also taught me on how to activate and bless this talisman and amulet through a christian prayer. He also taught me what the right attitude of the person should be if they are carrying a talisman and amulet. Through my grandfather I found relief and answers to my deepest question. He gives me enlightenment, the inner spark starts to reveal and my path and journey start to begin.

Mayari na Magbaya.

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